Friday, February 17, 2006

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Bachelor Back with Niners? is reporting that the Niners have resigned former Giant/49er quarterback Jesse Palmer to a contract. The Niners signed Palmer last season as insurance with injuries to Alex Smith, and Ken Dorsey only to release him November 25th. Let’s just hope that this isn’t the veteran QB coach Mike Nolan is looking to bring into the mix.

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Michael Huff Interview

Recently Vini 'The Vin' Chopra talked with Draft Prospect Michael Huff of the University of Texas. Here is the interview in full.

Vin: Mr. Huff around the 49er community for the last few months there has been a lot of talk about bringing you in to help out the 49er defense. In what aspect do you think you'd benefit the 49ers, or any NFL team, the most?

Michael Huff (MH): I think the biggest benefit that I can bring to any team is my versatility. Depending on the scheme I can play corner or I can play safety. I can even line up in the box or cover a slot reciever so whatever the team needs me too play I will do it and help the defense in any way I can.

Vin: You mention versatility. At the NFL level, do you have a preference for playing safety or corner, or are you just as comfortable with either position?

MH: I don't really have a preference, as long as I'm on the field making plays I don't care where I'm at. I just wanna do whatever it takes to help the team win.

Vin: What do you feel separates you from the rest of the draftees in contention?

MH: I would probably have to go back to my versality. Not everybody can play corner and safety, its just two different worlds. So you can put me in position to help the defense wherever I'm needed.

Full Interview...
Vin: You're projected as a top 10 pick around many draft discussions, whether it be ESPN or other sources, so that usually implies that you'll likely be heading to a team that has had some struggle the previous year. How does this affect you and do you have any preference as to where you would like to play?

MH: Teams struggle for a lot of different reasons so just because they're in the top 10 doesn't mean they're a bad team, there could have been a lot of injuries or many other reasons so they might be one player away from having a succesful season so hopefully whichever team drafts me feels like I can help the team take that next step. So it doesn't affect me at all, I'm just gonna go out there and play to the best of my ability and help the team in anyway possible. I just wanna play somewhere that I'm wanted and where I will have a chance to help the team.

Vin: The San Francisco 49ers have a history of great safeties, from Merton Hanks, to Tim McDonald, to the legendary Ronnie Lott. In fact, over here on there has been some comparison between you and Ronnie Lott. If you were to compare yourself with an NFL safety, who do you base your game after or who's your favorite safety to watch?

MH: I've heard that I am being compared too ronnie lott but he was one of the greatest safeties to ever play the game so I'm nowhere on his level but hopefully I will leave a legacy like he did. If I had to compare myself too a safety I would have to say Ed Reed. But as far as me and corner I would have to say Charles Woodson. The safeties I like watching most are Ed reed and Troy from the Steelers.

Vin: Now you mentioned Troy Polamalu, a very active safety who is seemingly all over the place in a very complex and quick 3-4 defense that the Steelers run. Do you have any preference for schemes in the NFL, or do you feel that because of your versatility that you can be a fit in virtually any defense?

MH: I think I can be succesful in any defense. I pride myself on being smarter than the opponent so I like to learn what everybody on the field is doing from the safeties to the corners to the linebackers just so I can understand the whole concept of the defense.

Vin: How do you think that winning the National Title will benefit you in your NFL career? What was the experience like working with a group of players who rose to the heights of the NCAA football echelon?

MH: I just think I will bring a winning attitude too whoever drafts me. It was great playing with those guys and I'm just glad we brought a championship too the state of Texas

Vin: Now bringing a championship to the state of Texas is a huge thing. But as 49er fans would want it, we'd like to bring another championship back here. So, let's say you're sitting on your sofa with your family and you get the call from coach Nolan and hear Paul Taglibue say that the 49ers have selected Michael Huff, safety, Texas. How do you react? What's your feeling on the 49ers?

MH: I'm sure I won't know how too react till it happens, but I would love to put on a 49ers uniform just thinkin about all the great dbs and all the great players that have worn that uniform, it would be special.

Vin: Finally, how are the draft preparations coming along? The combine isn't too far away, and how do you feel physically and mentally now?

MH: Everything has gone well, I'm training at API in Phoenix which is the best facility out there. I'm lookin forward to the combine so I can go prove myself too everybody, and hopefully I have a good showing.

Vin: Alright, thanks Mr. Huff for taking the time to address the 49erholics out there. Hopefully, we'll be seeing you holding a Red and Gold jersey come April.

MH: Ok thanks

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No Tag for Peterson

Matt Maiocco of the Press Democrat is reporting that free agent linebacker Julian Peterson will not be tagged this season. Julian Peterson's two-year run as the 49ers' franchise player will come to an end next week.

Coach Mike Nolan said Thursday the 49ers do not plan to tag Peterson as the club's franchise player for a third consecutive season. The 49ers could retain Peterson's services for another year with a one-year, $8.75 million commitment. The deadline for clubs to designate a franchise player is next Thursday.

Nolan said he is not sure the 49ers will even make a big effort to re-sign Peterson once the outside linebacker is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent March 3.
'I know we'd love to have him back,' Nolan said, 'but when 31 other teams are out there, it's hard to say. As I always say, no one player will be bigger than the team.

'I've made that comment before when talking about character or selfish issues, but that goes for cap involvement, too. If the (salary) number takes us out of the realm where it hurts the football team, we have to be smart about how far we go.'

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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Crucial Combine Coming

Crucial Combine Coming
By Chris Woeber (Guest Writer)

With just under a week until the 2006 NFL Draft Combine, Mike Nolan and the 49ers are staring at one the more important weeks in recent franchise history, ie the post Steve Young Era. With a deeper than average draft and a stockpile of picks, this is the year that will chart the course for football by the bay for years to come. Despite having the number one overall pick in the 2005 draft, this year's crop of fresh meat is considered by most experts to be more crucial to the so-called rebirth of this organization. New stadium deals aside, it's now or never, and the combine is the beginning of this process.

Here's a look at what's at stake:

The Coin Toss
We know by now the Niners will have either the 6th or 7th overall pick in the draft, the same goes for Raiders. Although it seems appropriate that bay area football face off in a duel of futility decided by nothing less than the flip of a coin, it would be quite a sight see Al in his finest valor suit grimacing at Dr John in his newest Sally Jessie specs. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely the NFL Network will carry such a scene. But it's had to imagine the 49ers wouldn't be willing to concede the number six pick in order relieve themselves of the burden of signing the higher salary. The difference between 6 and 7? 2001, #6 Richard Seymour NE, #7 Andre Carter SF.

Full Story...
The Players
The 49ers have been rumored to be interested in several players high in the draft. This is no surprise as just about every position could use some improvement. Of course there are the rumors that the Niners will trade down. Although this is a very real possibility, it is silly to try and predict as the possible scenarios are as puzzling as reading the headline "49ers Hire Oregon State Coach". So let's stick to what we know.

- Vernon Davis TE
Best TE in the draft, a smaller quicker Antonio Gates
- D'Brickashaw Ferguson OT
Solid tackle, great potential, not as praised as Robert Gallery
- DeAngelo Williams RB
Tremendous college career, many think he is underrated but faced weaker opponents at Memphis
- Santonio Holmes WR
Needs to be mentioned due to his position, more likely in a trade-down scenario

- A.J Hawk LB
Seau-like but bigger, great instincts and work ethic
- Michael Huff S
Leader of national championship defense, playmaker
- Mario Williams DE
Position of need, consistent, mix of size and speed

Of course these are just a few of the options the 49ers have with their first pick, but it will be a crucial decision. With so much talent at the top, it's important to avoid being the Tony Mandrich in the middle of the Aikmans, Sanders, and Thomas' (see 1989).

Football Guys
Still hanging over Candlestick Point like the filthy parking lot gulls is Mike Nolan's 'football guy' quandary. After the Reinfeldt deal fell through, the 49ers were left sitting on the front porch sobbing into their scarlet corsage. The hiring of a front office top dog needs to happen and happen soon, preferably before the combine. According to Nolan, and seemingly York, this move is imperative. This process has been particularly cloaked, so it will be difficult to read until we're sitting at the press conference, listening to this new fellow joke about asking his wife's permission to take the job. Stay tuned.

Free Agents
OK lets take a deep breath, one step at a time here. The free agent search will be a whole process among itself, and if sources are correct, free agency will be delayed until April 1, so long as the CBA negotiations continue to improve. So for now, let's wait and see.

So in the next 10 days or so, the process will have begun.The pivotal events of the beloved Niners will be set in motion, feel free to cover your eyes.

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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Free Agent Buzz is reporting that there is quite a buzz going around in the Free Agent world. Here are some of the players they say the Niners may be interested and one trade possibility (long shot).

Antonio Bryant - Cleveland has closed the door on resigning the free agent wide receiver. Niners may be interested in giving Bryant a look depending on his price tag.

David Givens - Patriots doubt they will be able to re-sign wide receiver David Givens, due to the amount of interest he is receiving. Niners may decide to make a serious run at Givens but will not overpay to bring him to the Bay.

Joe Jurevicius - Jurevicius is another name that will draw interest from the 49ers.

Bryant Johnson - The Cardinals are believed to be willing to trade wide receiver Bryant Johnson in a deal to obtain a running back, preferably a starting running back. This is where the 49ers may come in. If the Cards come calling the 49ers will listen, with Kevan Barlow obviously as the name most likely to be tossed around in those discussions.

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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Christoff Off to Stanford

A.J. Christoff, a familiar name at Stanford, is returning to the Farm for his third tour of duty as a member of the Cardinal's coaching staff. Christoff, who spent last season as the secondary coach of the San Francisco 49ers, today was named Stanford's defensive coordinator and secondary coach, head coach Walt Harris announced.

Christoff was Stanford's defensive coordinator in 1983 under Paul Wiggin and returned to the Farm in 2003 as the defensive coordinator and secondary coach under Buddy Teevens. Christoff spent the 2005 season working under 49er head coach Mike Nolan.

Johnnie Lynn Replaces Christoff
The San Francisco 49ers announced on Tuesday the addition of Johnnie Lynn to head coach Mike Nolan’s coaching staff as secondary coach. Lynn will share the secondary duties with Vance Joseph, who worked as a secondary assistant last season. A.J. Christoff, who served as secondary coach for the 49ers last year, was hired as defensive coordinator by Stanford University.

Lynn, entering his 13th NFL campaign, served as secondary coach of the Baltimore Ravens in 2004 and 2005. Lynn spent the 2004 season under Nolan when he served as the defensive coordinator for the Ravens. Prior to joining the Ravens, Lynn spent seven seasons with the New York Giants, serving for five seasons (1997-01) as secondary coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator for the 2002 and 2003 seasons.

Source: GoStanford -

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Reinfeldt Declines

San Francisco Chronicle is reporting that the executive football position for the 49ers will not be filled by Mike Reinfeldt, the Seahawks' vice president of football administration. A spokesman for the Seahawks said Reinfeldt has pulled himself out of the running.

The Seahawks would not give a reason and Reinfeldt declined to address the issue. Several sources said Reinfeldt was the 49ers' leading candidate for the job. The 49ers didn't want to comment for Reinfeldt, but did confirm that Reinfeldt told them Monday of his intention to stay with the Seahawks.

The only other candidate that has interviewed for the position is Falcons executive vice president and chief administrative officer Ray Anderson.

So look for other names to start popping up as the Niners have to look to other candidates for the Team President position.

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Monday, February 13, 2006

Foster Interested in 49ers is reporting that unrestricted free agent DeShaun Foster of the Carolina Panthers has reportedly expressed interest in playing with the 49ers. They also state that 'Foster may want to go play in an offense that is more conducive to his cutback style of running - and the 49ers would fit into that category.'

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Mock Draft 3.1

Here is a three round mock draft from one of our draft partners: Tradedown! I listed only the picks for the Niners. For the full mock visit Tradedown!.

Rd 1: #16 49ers (from Miami) Vernon Davis TE Maryland
Davis is probably the best receiving threat in the draft. Lord knows SF needs help on offense. His speed and strength should make him, by far, the #1 TE prospect. His height (6'2") and position could be the only things to keep him out of the top 10.

Rd 2: Kamerion Wimbley OLB Florida State

Rd 2: (from Miami) Kelly Jennings CB Miami

Rd 3: Roman Harper S Alabama

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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Interview: Niner Pro Bowlers

Recently the staff here at was granted permission to interview the 2006 Pro Bowl representatives from the San Francisco 49ers. Here is the interview in full, hope you enjoy.

FNN: So how does it feel representing the 49ers in Hawaii this year for the Pro Bowl.

49er Rep: *crickets chirping*

And there you have it.


Burnham: Want Owens Back?

'Niner Vision'

by Jeremy Burnham

OK, let me get one thing out of the way. THERE IS NO WAY THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN. Owens would never want to come back, and the Niners wouldn't have him. But this IS the internet, and a fansite no less, so we can talk about things like this...

Let me tell you what made me write this story. While visiting family this past weekend, I got to talking about the Niners with my dad and brother. My brother was saying how he missed TO, and if he were in charge of the Niners, he'd bring him back. My dad took the other side, and said how much he hates the guy, and said how big of an ass TO is making out of himself since leaving us...

Though, like I said, this is not going to happen, it is a fun topic to discuss. If YOU were in charge of the Niners, would YOU try to find a way to bring him back? Well, after thinking about it, my response may shock some of you who know me. YES.

Full Story...

Don't get me wrong. I still don't like the guy. He was an ass in SF, and is an ass in Philly. He's had two very good QBs, who he has abused and turned himself against. I still blame for for a lot of went wrong between him and Jeff Garcia in San Francisco. But, the fact is, he has now messed up twice. Think what you want of Owens, no one ever called him stupid. He KNOWS he messed up, and now that it has happened twice, he knows it can't happen again.

Believe it or not people, Owens HAS learned his lesson. Owens WILL be given another shot by someone, and Owens IS going to make the most of that shot.

Just think about it. When he was in SF, he said he wanted to play with a much better QB. He named off a bunch of QBs, all but one of them were black. He got just what he wanted, a GOOD, black, star QB. And he STILL found a way to ruin it.

He MUST know that it is his fault, and that if he wishes to make it with his next team, he's going to have to change his ways. Now, he is still the same guy he's always been, but he will at least be able to fake it for the sake of his career.

81 WILL fly again, and he IS still the best WR in the league. I have always said that. Give me him over Moss any day. So would I take him back? Sure thing!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Nedney Closest to Re-sign

Reports are coming in that out of all the free agents the Niners have this season, kicker Joe Nedney could actually be the closest of all of them to signing a contract with the team when he is able to do so in March. Both parties have already discussed terms of a long term deal that will keep Nedney in San Francisco. Both sides are not far apart on an agreement. A contract can not be signed until March due to the terms of the one-year deal he signed as a free agent last season. Coach Mike Nolan on if Nedney is the one player closest to signing:
'I don't know if he's the closest, but I do know that things have gone very well with Joe and his agent. It's not actually done yet, but I do feel very good about that.'

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Niners Likely to Avoid Smurfs

Source: Sacramento Bee

Diminutive receivers are in vogue again after Steve Smith and Santana Moss, both well below 6 feet, finished one-two in NFL receiving yardage this past season.

But don't look for the 49ers to add a Smurf to their roster this offseason.
'I believe it's a big man's game,' said Scot McCloughan, the team's director of pro personnel and the one calling the shots in free agency and the draft. 'You have to be able to hold up over a 16-game schedule in this league.'

Which means that despite all sorts of problems in the passing game in 2005, the 49ers probably won't pick a receiver in the first round of April's draft.

Two of the top names at the position are Santonio Holmes and Moss' little brother, Sinorice. Holmes, listed at 5-11, 185 pounds, likely will be the first receiver drafted after leading Ohio State this season with 977 receiving yards and 11 touchdowns.
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Update on Lelie Rumor

Sacramento Bee is reporting that Niners VP of Player Personnel Scot McCloughan said there was 'no truth' to an Internet rumor the 49ers were considering trading a first-day draft pick to the Denver Broncos for receiver Ashley Lelie.

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